Duct and Fiber Installation

OSP Services is a pioneer in the installation of large-scale, underground MicroDuct fiber optic systems utilizing A-D Technologies FuturePath.

The FuturePath system allows for the installation of up to 1152 strands of fiber within 8 separate ducts.

Underground installation of fiber reduces the risk of storm damage, limiting customer down time.

MicroDuct overrides allow installation in existing underground duct. Up to four individual MicroDucts can be installed depending on the diameter of the duct and theĀ availableĀ space within the duct.


Fiber Installation Includes:

  • The use of State of the Art equipment & cable
  • Best-In-Class system design
  • 100+ year useable lifespan of fiber
  • Fiber locating capability integrated in the system design
  • GIS data of installed path
  • Air-assisted conventional fiber placement into duct

Our focus on efficiency in all areas of design and construction means that not only will your job be completed on time and on budget, but you’ll also be stunned by the quality and professionalism of the work.

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