Existing Fiber Maintenance

Maintaining an outside plant network is a lot like owning a car. You wouldn’t expect to drive 40,000 miles without changing the oil; neither should you expect your cable plant to survive without maintenance.

OSP Services will be your partner to maintain your plant and reduce the possibility of catastrophic failures.

  • Verification that the plant can be located with electro-magnetic locating equipment
  • Verification that the cable markers are intact and not in need of replacement
  • Verification that handholes and structures are in reasonable condition and are not damaged
  • Verification that splice cases are not leaking or have any other water issues
  • Verification that no rodent incursions into handholes or pedestals have occurred
  • Verification of fiber integrity through periodic OTDR reviews for comparison to baselines

The right way

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The WRONG way

Existing Fiber Maintenance- The wrong way

Fiber and Duct Repair

Accidents Happen

OSP Services is there to get your plant back in top working condition.

We Provide:

24/7 emergency deployment of supervisors to take control of a damage event site.

Coordination with stakeholders in order to provide updates for estimated time to repair with periodic updates.

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Post-Recovery follow-up to:

  • Determine the root cause of the damage
  • Should a high-value cable have had a Watch and Protect requirement?
  • Determine potential financial liability


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